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Hart Iron & Machine Ltd. is situated amidst the spruce forests of northern BC. This certified shop has been in the fabrication business for 35 years, and they’ve become the go-to shop in the area.

From fabricating structural steel for large-scale construction to cutting intricate, heavily detailed custom pieces, there’s nothing this industry titan can’t create now that they’ve brought a FastCut table into their shop.

In this customer spotlight, we hear from Ryan Kelly, foreman at Hart Iron & Machine Ltd. He’s answered our questions about what getting into table ownership has been like—deciding to invest, learning the ins and outs of their table and measuring the business impact.

As you consider how a table could help you grow your capabilities and production, we thought it would be helpful to share Ryan’s thoughts and suggestions.


Q: Can you describe what you do?

A: “Structural, commercial and custom fabrication.”

Q: What’s your best advice for making money in your industry?

A: “Satisfy your customers and don’t be in a race to the bottom when work gets slim.”

Q: What was going on in your world that made you seek out a new table?

A: “We needed to increase production in the shop.”

Q: What were you feeling when you decided to buy from us?

A: “I was happy to buy from a BC-based company that had my business interests in mind, not trying to sell me what I didn’t need.”

Q: What were those first few weeks/months of table ownership like?

A: “It was a learning curve for sure. The boys at FastCut were always only a phone call away to help out, though. Any time I needed instruction or couldn’t figure it out, they were more than happy to help. After a short time of using the table, I felt proficient enough to start doing outside plasma jobs for other companies, not just our own shop needs.”

Q: Can you explain how long it took for you to see a return on your investment with your FastCut table?

A: “The return was immediate. Plate production increased as if we had two more guys in the shop.”

Q: Anything else you’d like to share? Changes or recommendations for FastCut CNC?

A: “If you’re looking for a plasma table, you will not go wrong with FastCut!”

We get so much pride out of sharing these success stories with potential customers. We’re thrilled to be in a position to provide quality plasma cutting tables that can increase production and help shop owners thrive.

Looking for new ways to expand and grow your business? Give us a shout. We’d love to hear your vision for the future and set you up with a table that can help.

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