• Did You Know?

    Did You Know?

    When you phone FastCut CNC for help, you will be talking to a support tech that was directly involved in the building of your table. We even offer in house training on your table prior to purchase to all customers at no cost.

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  • Limited Offer

    Limited Offer

    Receive $2500 in consumables startup package when you buy Ultra Cut and a G7 together

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  • Intelligent Breakaway Torch Mount

    Intelligent Breakaway Torch Mount

    Our Breakaway Torch Mount is CNC machined out of 6061 aluminum and features two plates indexed together with Rare Earth magnets.

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  • Our Fastest Ever

    Our Fastest Ever

    The next generation in cutting tables has landed at FastCut. Introducing the new G7 Fabricator, the fastest, most cost effective cutting table we’ve ever produced.

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  • Meet The Crew

    Meet The Crew

    Learn about FastCut’s history and the team responsible for every table that leaves our production line.

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  • Testimonials


    Read some of the amazing testimonials people have given us!

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Dollar for dollar a FastCut CNC plasma cutter outperforms all other CNC plasma machines. Period.

The technology may be complex but the secret to our success is simple. Founded in 1999, FastCut CNC has grown to become one of North America's premiere manufacturers of CNC tables for many reasons. Most important to our customers though, is that FastCut CNC continues to deliver high quality, innovative CNC machines that produce precisely the same results as machines twice the price! Bottom line - FastCut CNC machines, known as the industry 'work horses', are simply the MOST cost effective plasma tables on the market. And that's about as uncomplicated as you can get. Read More >

Unparalleled Customer Service

We pride ourselves in providing our customers with the service they need to succeed. Whether that be providing unlimited support, ensuring every one of our craftsman style plasma cutting tables is designed with the customers’ unique needs in mind,  or providing complimentary machine training, we have thought of our customers every step of the way. Once you are part of our FastCut CNC family, you can feel confident knowing that you will always have our support. Read More >

Financing Available

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KME  Invention Innovators, Pat Kapella Owner

" I would like to thank everybody at FastCut CNC for making the Icon Elite CNC plasma machine. It actually works! The Icon Elite does what you said it would do."- KME Invention Innovators, Pat Kapella Owner

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