Why Buy From FastCut CNC?


  • We build all our own control systems, wiring harnesses, table frames, equipment components and circuit boards in-house.
  • We pride ourselves on, and only use, high end European and North American components.
  • We continue to improve on and develop new product on a continuous basis.
  • We completely assemble, configure and test cut with every FastCut CNC plasma cutting table prior to shipping to the customer.
  • Our systems are “open” systems meaning you can use any type of drawing software you like to create a DXF file for cutting.
  • All tables come with a pre-installed shapes library.
  • All tables include automatic torch height control.
  • Our customers average ROE on equipment purchase from FastCut CNC is 6-12 months.


  • We hold inventory of all table components.
  • When you purchase a FastCut CNC Plasma table you receive 5-year remote support free of charge.
  • When you phone FastCut CNC for help, you will be talking to a support tech that was directly involved in the building of your table.
  • We have an open-door policy for customers and potential customers as well. Come visit our facility, meet the FastCut family and see what we do to build your tables first hand.
  • We offer in house training on your table prior to purchase to all customers at no cost.
  • We have designed our systems for easy trouble-shooting. Main controller components fit in a FedEx box for priority overnight shipping if a system is down.
  • We offer remote internet support and training via Team Viewer to all our customers.


  • We have been in business since 1999.
  • We have CNC equipment such as vertical mill, wire cutter, 3-D printer, plasma cutting tables and vinyl printer so we can keep as much work in house to control quality and keep build costs low.
  • We are not a large company with high corporate overhead. Meaning we can sell you a high-end precision product for less money than the other guys.
  • We are top sellers of plasma cutters for companies such as Hypertherm and Victor.
  • Working at FastCut CNC is being part of the “FastCut Family”. FastCut CNC was started as a family business; we all take pride in and are proud of what we do here. We consider our customers part of that family.
  • We offer factory direct purchasing to the customer.
  • We have an extremely low staff turnover rate. Our staff are committed to our vision and superior product quality.