About Us



FastCut CNC is a family owned and operated manufacturer of plasma cutting CNC tables. Founded in 1999, FastCut CNC has grown to become one of North America’s premiere manufacturers of CNC tables. It is important that we are always current with the latest in plasma cutting hardware and software technology. New linear drive systems, nesting software packages, plasma cutters and more are always being reviewed and tested to determine whether we can improve our products to bring better value to our customers. Our commitment to innovation, paired with personal, friendly service means your experience purchasing a FastCut product will always be... a cut above.

We started with a stepper-based machine with a manual height control. Today our new G7 Fabricator is a testament to our passion for creating the best possible machine for the industrial market. Servo motors, automatic torch height control and an industrial grade flat screen monitor are just a few of the features you will find on the G7 Fabricator. It’s the fastest, highest-quality product we’ve ever made, and we’re damn proud of it.

A lot of things can change in 14 years, but at FastCut our core values and commitment to our customers have always been the same. Once you are part of our FastCut CNC family, you can feel confident in knowing that you will always have our support.

Meet the Crew


Russel Gallup russ@fastcutcnc.com

Russel joined the family business in 2003 with a vision to build his father’s small company into a thriving and profitable business. He’s worked tirelessly to ensure that FastCut continues to deliver a standard of excellence that surpasses all competition.

His proactive, entrepreneurial spirit was cultivated early at age 6 when he began helping his dad restore and sell old pedal bikes to finance his first dirt bike. Never one to shy away from getting his hands dirty, Russel started working on the oil rigs at 18, then ran a chainsaw on production operations in the logging industry. He has worked as a pipeliner in Northern Alberta and installed snow making equipment across North America, most notably at the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics.

In fact, Russel’s wanderlust takes him all over the globe, including Amsterdam, Barcelona, France, Italy and South Africa. He is also a dedicated father whose son is the light of his life. Together they enjoy camping, fishing and dirt biking, snowboarding, wake surfing and troublemaking.

Naturally skilled and a true jack-of-all trades, Russel is also a ticketed welder and experienced fabricator. Smart, funny and down to earth, Russel is FastCut’s passionate leader who genuinely cares about his team (the ‘family’), taking extreme pride in the work that they do together.


Billy Dougherty billy@fastcutcnc.com

An innovator and inventor with a keen eye for detail, Billy has delivered outstanding energy since he joined the FastCut team in October 2011 with the desire to make a lasting contribution to the growing company.

Billy was one of those kids that was always taking things apart, trying to figure out how they work, then putting them back together (bonus!). So it is no surprise that he pursued his education in Engineering Design and quickly got to work in steel building design & fabrication, construction and construction management.

When not in the shop, Billy can be found camping, fishing, hunting and just generally enjoying the outdoors with his daughter.


Jordan Adair jordan@fastcutcnc.com

Jordan joined the FastCut family three years ago and is the official Fun-Loving In-House Techy Dude. He provides exceptional customer support to the FastCut family of customers.

A certified computer automated system technician with 15 years of industry experience, Jordan also has a background in building custom electronics for heavy equipment. Since joining FastCut he’s been industriously developing the FastCut electronics system.

Jordan loves to spend time with his family and go hiking, and taps into his tech love by digging into technical projects such as custom LED lighting, wireless control systems and proportional valve drivers.

Jordan cites customer satisfaction as his highest priority and says his goal is to ensure that the software and hardware driving every FastCut product is the most reliable and user-friendly system available. This guy’s the real deal!