Did You Know?

  • The G7 is Multi-Gas/HyDefinition ready.
  • The G7 has a built-in interface for oxy/fuel.
  • The G7 has an industrial grade flat screen monitor used for real time viewing.
  • The G7 has real-time online assistance for support and training.
  • The G7 has a shapes library with over 40 parts, and a customizable material library.
  • The welded steel frame is guaranteed for any weight you can fit under the gantry.
  • You have unlimited customer support. (For the original owner.)
  • The drive system has zero backlash and is protected inside the machine frame.
  • The frame is flush with the cutting surface, providing unobstructed material handling.
  • An automatic torch height control is standard on all our machines.
  • The G7 has position and repeatability accuracy of 0.005 inches.
  • The gantry has 4.5" of clearance so you can cut tubing and thick plate.
  • The gantry is built from a very strong, rigid extrusion.
  • Our user friendly software saves you time and money.
  • The G7 is compatible with ALL CAD and CAM software systems.
  • The auto torch height with pierce height control will increase your consumable life.