Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I buy a Fastcut machine instead of some of the others available?

  • We offer the newest generation CNC plasma cutters available on the market.
  • Most competitors use steel rails and cam followers for the linear motion, whereas our machines use top quality linear guideways and slides on all three axis. This means zero maintenance and frustration.
  • Our machines use large, strong, rack and pinion drives while most other machines use smaller gears that will quickly wear away and cause backlash.
  • The gantry has a motor on each side that drives it along the table. Many other machines have a motor on just one side, causing the gantry to shake and "wag" when changing direction.


Are these kits or complete machines?

Our machines are fully assembled, tested, then broken down and placed into crates. Some assembly is required when you receive a machine but our easy to follow manual makes it a breeze.


What else do I need to make this machine work?

You will need a compatible plasma cutter along with a torch and CNC interface cable. Companies such as Thermal Dynamics supply plasma cutters with those options and we can help you choose the one that is right for you. If you already have a plasma cutter and just need a torch or interface cable, we can help you with that as well.

You will also need an air compressor to run the plasma cutter. Check the plasma cutter's specifications for air volume and pressure requirements. We also highly recommend the use of an air dryer between the compressor and plasma cutter.


How thick can it cut?

This depends mostly on the plasma cutter you choose, not the table itself. A regular air plasma cutter can cut up to 1" mild steel, while a expensive multi-gas plasma cutter can cut up to 3".


How fast can it cut?

Again, this depends on the plasma cutter you have more so than the table. Here are some realistic real-world examples:

  • 14 Gauge Mild Steel - 80-100 inches per minute
  • 10 Gauge Mild Steel - 60-70 inches per minute
  • 1/4" Mild Steel - 60-70 inches per minute
  • 3/8" Mild Steel - 40-50 inches per minute
  • 1/2" Mild Steel - 30-40 inches per minute


I'm not a computer expert, are they hard to use?

If you can surf the web and check your email, you can use our machines. The software is very user friendly and when you have a problem, unlimited support is just a toll-free phone call away.


How much weight will the table support?

The tables are designed to hold up to 600lbs, which is about a 4' x 4' sheet of 1/2" mild steel. If you want to cut material that is thicker - no problem. Simply remove all of the slates and build your own steel frame inside the table to support any weight you want.


How much is shipping going to cost?

Give us a call and tell us where you are - we will get a freight quote for you. 1-866-339-3377


How long is the warranty and what does it include?

Each machine comes with a 2-year warranty.