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Types of CNC Plasma Tables

Each type of CNC Plasma Table has its unique set of capabilities and strengths. And as with any tool, simply owning one is not enough. It's also about knowing how to harness its full potential. That's where FastCut CNC comes in.

With our years of hands-on experience and a deep understanding of the ins and outs of this technology, we’re here to guide you through this potentially complex landscape.

Precision Meets Versatility: Commercial CNC Plasma Tables


When it comes to precision, nothing beats it. We're talking about a machine that can effectively slice through metal like a hot knife through butter, creating detailed designs and as well as very defined cuts that would put even the steadiest hand to shame.

You see, this equipment operates based on Computer Numerical Control–hence the name. Input the design, and it does the rest. No room for error. No second-guessing. Just pure, unadulterated precision.


These are designed to handle high-volume production runs, consistently churning out part after part. They're faster than any manual cutting method, and because they're automated, they can keep going long after your human workforce has called it a day.

Plus, with their automatic tool changers and multiple torches, they can also handle different types of cuts without stopping and even swapping tools, further speeding up your production process.


Aluminum, stainless steel, copper – you name it, they can handle it.

What does this mean for you? Simple: no matter what your project requires, it has got you covered. Need to cut intricate designs into super thin aluminum sheets? No problem! Have to slice through a 2-inch thick steel plate?

Consider it done!

Applied Uses

Automotive to Arts

Cutting out engine parts, body components, or even some of those custom modifications? You got it!

But their prowess isn't just limited to that. They're equally adept at other tasks.  Need to create intricate metal sculptures? Want to craft stunning wall art from sheet metal? With their high precision and versatility, they truly make it possible!

Manufacturing Units

They can cut out part after part with unerring accuracy and seamlessly switch between different cuts, boosting productivity even further.

Designing with Finesse

Yes! Thanks to their CNC capabilities, they can cut virtually any design you can dream up. Complex geometric patterns? Delicate art pieces? They can provide you with the precision needed to bring your most ambitious designs to life!

Construction Industry

They're easily capable of cutting large-scale metal parts used in buildings, bridges, and other structures. Their ability to handle these thick materials makes them ideal for creating structural components that must meet stringent safety standards.

Yes To Heavy-Duty Tasks!: Industrial CNC Plasma Tables

Ruggedness and Durability

Built like tanks, this series is designed to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty use day in, day out. They're made from robust materials that can handle the heat, the sparks, and the constant physical demands of cutting through thick metal.

But don't let their tough exterior fool you. Inside, they're precision instruments, capable of making any incredibly accurate cuts despite their gruff exterior. They may look like they're all brawn, but trust me, there's plenty of brain behind that muscle!

High Volume Handling

These units aren't just tough; they're also workhorses! They can handle large batches of work without breaking a sweat.

Say you're running a full-scale manufacturing operation or maybe a small workshop with big ambitions, these machines can step up to the plate. And because they're automated, they can keep going long after the lights have gone out and the workers have gone home. That means more productivity, less downtime, and a faster turnaround on your projects!

Edge in Speed

These machines are fast – really fast. They can cut through metal at a rate that manual methods simply can't match.  It's not just about getting the job done here; it's about getting it done quickly, efficiently, and to a high standard. And that, my friends, is how you stay ahead in this competitive market.

Real World Applications


With their high-precision cutting capabilities, they can easily churn out the large, complex parts needed to build a ship. From those hull plates to the superstructure components, your industrial CNC plasma table can handle it all! And because they're fully automated, they can do it faster and more accurately than any human could.

But it's not just about cutting metal we're talking about here. With the right attachments, they can also weld pieces together, making them an invaluable tool in the shipbuilding process!

Infrastructure Development

Building bridges, tunnels, or skyscrapers? They can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

They can cut through thick structural steel like butter, producing those beams, girders, and some other components needed for your major construction projects. And since they can run around the clock, they can also help keep your project on schedule and more importantly--under budget.

Heavy Machinery Manufacturing

These machines can cut through the thickest (yes, the thickest) steel plates, producing parts that can withstand the rigors of heavy use. Plus, with their high-precision capabilities, they can ensure that every part fits perfectly, reducing the need for any costly rework. Win-Win!

Compact Yet Powerful: Small CNC Plasma Tables

Compactness without Compromise

The first thing you'll notice is their size. It's small enough to fit into tight spaces, yet powerful enough to handle some heavy-duty tasks. The ultimate space-saving solution for your workshop.

But don't think for a second that you're compromising on power or precision. They also come equipped with the same high-end technology as their larger counterparts, offering you cutting and engraving capabilities that can handle a wide range of materials, from steel and aluminum to wood and plastic.

Flexibility and Portability

Its compact size makes it very incredibly versatile. Need to move it from one spot in your workshop to another? No problem! Need to take it to a job site? Easy peasy. This little machine is always ready to go where you need it.

And you're also not tied down to one location. Whether you're working from a garage, a shared workspace, or even from the back of a van, they can come along for the ride.


Yes, it is still a big investment, but it will pay off in the long run. Not only does it save space, but it also saves you both time and money. Because it's automated, it can effectively work faster and more accurately than manual methods. Less waste, fewer mistakes--and a higher quality end product.

Ideal Use

Small Workshops

It can give you high performance without actually hogging all your floor space. Small designs? Basic tasks? No problem at all!

For Hobbyists

Creating your custom metal artwork? Or maybe you're into wooden designs? Well, the possibilities are endless here. Plus, its user-friendly interface makes it very easy for you to learn and operate.

Educational Labs

These compact machines can provide students with hands-on experience with CNC technology, preparing them for future manufacturing and engineering careers. Plus, both its safety features and easy-to-use controls make it very suitable for them, while its robust capabilities offer plenty of room for advanced projects and even experiments.

Small-Scale Manufacturing

As it can still produce high-quality parts quickly and accurately, it allows you to keep up with demand without even needing a massive factory. Plus, its very helpful automation capabilities mean you can have your production going even when you're not there.

Ready to Ignite Your Creativity?

More than just a tool – a CNC plasma table is indeed an investment in your creativity and productivity.

Some are designed to cut through even the thickest of steel plates, like our 5x10 heavy-duty CNC plasma table. Others, like our 4x4 CNC plasma table are more suited to intricate design work. Or maybe you're looking for something that strikes a balance between size and power. Check out our 4x8 light industrial CNC plasma table, then.

No matter what your project or business demands, there's a FasctCut CNC table that fits the bill perfectly!

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers!

Call Us or Drop Us A Line. We'd love to chat about how our tables can revolutionize your business.

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