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What are the features our plasma-table owners love most? To find out, we sent out a customer survey that asked, “What’s an indispensable feature of your table?” As the replies began trickling in, we quickly realized there isn’t just one thing our clients love about their tables, but many.


A couple of our customers said the controller console is by far and away their favourite feature. One enjoys the ease of checking on the cut while the table is in use while another client said they couldn’t imagine using anything but a wireless controller now.

The wireless remote gives the user the ability to fully control the table within a 30-foot radius of the table. With the controller, the user can select a precise start point, pause a cut in progress, or make cuts freehand. It’s easy to see why our clients love the control it provides.


Several FastCut users have said the downdraft system is their can’t-live-without-it table feature. One client recently raved about the downdraft system, saying that “it’s unbelievable how quickly it removes the fumes my shop”.


Though we offer warranty on all of our tables, some of our clients stated that it’s not a necessity as their tables have been one of the most reliable and durable items in their workspaces.

One of our welding and fabrication clients swears by the durability of his table. In fact, that’s what he appreciates the most about it. After all the plate his table has cut through, it’s “still running just as good as it did the day it first came into [his] shop”.


Our tables have been absolutely essential to customers who require a fast, precise cut with minimal effort.

Here’s what a few of our clients have stated with respect to speed and precision:

      “I’m impressed with the ability to layout and cut sheet metal fittings within a relatively short period of                      time.”

       “I’ve actually been able to bump up turnaround times with the addition of a FastCut table in the shop.”

       “I really appreciate the amount of time I’ve saved when fabricating simple parts.”

For most of our customers, introducing a table to the workspace has been indispensable in a lot of ways. If you’d like to add one to your shop and discover exactly what FastCut users are raving about, please reach out. We’d love to help you build the perfect table, complete with all the features you’re after.

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