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Back Country Metal Works is a lot like many of our customers. The owner, Jason Rutledge, runs a small welding, fabrication and machine shop—and he’s crushing it. His social posts show photos of striking steel tree trunks holding up live edge coffee tables, metal baby gates featuring snowmobiling, dirt-biking mountain life for a chalet, and an entire sled ramp flat deck for a welding truck.

In one recent post of a fence project, Jason gave us a shout-out: “Thanks to FastCutCNC for the quality equipment to be able to cut everything out!”

But bringing a FastCut table into his shop was just the start.

In this customer spotlight, find out how Back Country Metal Works is making the most of their table and their projects as Rutledge grows the business.


Q: What’s your story? Can you describe what you do?

A: “We’re a small welding, fabrication and machine shop in BC that is also set up for mobile welding and CNC plasma cutting.”

Q: What’s your best advice for someone just starting off in your industry?

A: “Don’t give up, put in 110% effort, and be kind.”

Q: What’s your best advice for making money in your industry?

A: “Treat your customers well so you get their repeat business. Being in a small town, this goes a long way, and your reputation will be superb!”

Q: What was going on in your world that made you seek out a new table?

A: “We wanted to expand our capabilities in the shop and be able to provide an artistic capability to our customers with the help of a CNC plasma.”

Q: What were you feeling when you decided to buy from us?

A: “I did my research and it seemed like a FastCut CNC table was the best table out there. I also received good feedback from other shops that were running the same table. The customer support was big for me too. The guys at FastCut nailed it!”

Q: What is the number one thing you have gained by owning a FastCut table?

A: “More business and being able to produce some pretty sweet stuff.”

Q: What’s an indispensable feature of your table?

A: “The amount of time it saves when fabbing simple parts.”

Q: Anything else you’d like to share? Changes or recommendations for FastCut CNC?

A: “I think FastCut is a stand-up, reputable company that makes a great product and they stand behind it all the way!”

Speaking of reviews, Rutledge and his team at Back Country Metal Works recently received a stellar five-star Google review from a customer highlighting how much his business is thriving:

“Unreal fabricator & reasonably priced. Jason can literally build anything!”

It’s reviews like these that our team at FastCut CNC love hearing. Knowing our clients are succeeding is affirmation that our tables have helped businesses grow by boosting productivity, expanding product lines, and creating new and unexpected opportunities.

Wondering what a FastCut table could do for your business? Reach out!

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