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Cost and Pricing Factors to Consider When Purchasing Plasma Tables

Different Types of CNC Plasma Tables

Found yourself in the middle of a project, wishing you could just summon a CNC plasma table out of thin air to make your job easier? Or maybe you've already been thinking about investing in one but want to know what kind of price range you're looking at.

Well, you're in the right place! We’ve been in the plasma table business for years and know pretty much all there is to know about pricing points and contributing factors, so we are going to share our insights into how much you should budget for one.


Yes, size does matter!

Just like buying a truck or a piece of land, the bigger it is, the heftier the price tag tends to be. But don't let that scare you off. Always think about your needs.

Are you running a small shop, crafting bespoke pieces? A compact table might be just what you need. But if you're dealing with large-scale projects, investing in a larger one could significantly boost both your productivity and efficiency, saving you time and money in the long run.

Choose wisely. Your decision should strike a balance between your current needs and future growth plans.

Quality of Components

Just like a well-cooked meal, the quality boils down to its ingredients–or in this case–components. From the robustness of the frame to the precision of the cutting torch, each part has a role in its overall performance and lifespan.

The frame and gantry should be made of high-grade steel or aluminum to withstand any rigors of heavy-duty cutting. Also, it ensures stability, which, in turn, guarantees you precise cuts every time.

And don't forget the high-quality torch. It doesn't just make any clean cuts; it also minimizes wastage by reducing errors. Look for a good duty cycle, ensuring it can handle long hours of operation without overheating.

Although, this will affect the CNC plasma table cost, take note that investing in a top-notch control system will ensure smooth, accurate movements and easy troubleshooting. So look for features like user-friendly software, precise motor control, and reliable safety systems.


This is what makes all the difference in your workshop and your CNC table cost, too. But don't get it wrong–it's not just about the name etched on the side but the reputation that the name carries, the quality it assures, and the service it provides.

And if you're after a brand that combines hard-hitting performance with rock-solid reliability–FastCut is not just a brand; it's a commitment to excellence!

With us, you're not just buying a CNC table; you're investing in a partner who's as dedicated to your success as you are. We understand that every cut matters, and that every project has its unique challenges. That's why we've designed machines to tackle anything you throw at them, from simple cuts to complex designs.

Engineered with precision, crafted with care, and built to last, each is a powerhouse, ready to deliver high-speed, high-accuracy cutting, day in and day out.

Additional Features

These aren't just bells and whistles; they're tools designed to increase your productivity, enhance your accuracy, and more importantly–make your life easier.

Say you want to minimize errors and streamline your workflow–our user-friendly software has you covered. Need to make complex cuts? Our advanced 3D cutting capabilities are at your service. Looking for a way to reduce wastage? Our efficient nesting software optimizes material usage, saving you money on every cut.

And let's not forget about safety. We here at FastCut CNC take it seriously with features like collision detection and emergency stops. After all, a safe workshop is indeed a successful workshop.

Operational CNC Table Costs

Yes, buying is just one thing, running it is another. It can include power consumption, consumables like electrodes and nozzles, and as well as routine maintenance.

With these in mind, our machines are designed to be energy-efficient, reducing your power bills. Our torches are engineered for longevity, meaning less frequent and less costly replacements of consumables.

Plus, if you ever run into issues, We have remote support via TeamViewer to show you show you the answers instead of telling you.

So, What's The Price?

Ah, the million-dollar question, or rather, the $8,000 to $100,000 question.


Starting from around $8,000, this can be an appealing option.

Ideal for hobbyists or small businesses making their first foray into the world of CNC plasma cutting, they offer a taste of what's possible. Yes, they may be basic, but they're a starting point.

However, as with any entry-level tool, there are limitations to consider. As your skills and ambitions grow, you'll likely outgrow these machines and eventually yearn for more advanced features and capabilities.


Stepping up the ladder, ranging from $20,000 to $50,000 offers additional features and as well as capabilities that make them suitable for larger projects or commercial use. They're a significant step up from entry-level models, providing greater flexibility and potential for customization.

But why limit yourself to the middle of the road when there's a highway ahead?


This is where FastCut CNC enters the scene. Our high-end CNC plasma tables start at $50,000 and go beyond $70,000. Yes, it's a considerable investment, but let me tell you, it's worth every penny!

Designed for industrial use, and engineered to handle heavy-duty tasks with ease, they come packed with advanced features that provide the highest level of precision and efficiency. You're investing in a machine that's built to deliver exceptional results–every time.

And here's the kicker: we also offer monthly financing starting as low as $500 per month.

Build Your Plasma Table Today

Now that you're equipped with the insights, it's time to make your move.

Start Building Your Table Now and customize it the way you want.

Select the model, surface, and size, choose your plasma cutter, and even opt for additional options like software and accessories. You can also indicate the CNC plasma table price range you're interested in and if you want financing options.

So, if you’re ready to explore what FastCut CNC has to offer. Call Us or Drop Us A Line.

We'd love to chat about how our tables can revolutionize your business.

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