The NEW G8 Fabricator

Eight generations of technology, refinement, and experience have come together to produce the most cost-effective and reliable CNC plasma cutting system to date.

The new G8 Fabricator is a benchmark for what a plasma cutting system should offer the customer in terms of value and quality.

G6 Fabricator Cutting Table


Welded Steel Frame – A built-to-last, all-welded steel frame with a durable powder-coated finish. Comes with either a downdraft or waterbed cutting surface.

Dual-Drive Gantry – The G8 Fabricator features a dual-drive gantry to provide incredible accuracy and repeatability.

Torch Height Control – An automatic torch height control system is standard on the G8 Fabricator, providing you with accurate cutting heights and extended consumable life.

Bosch Rexroth Linear Rail System – Best-in-class precision ball-bearing linear guides allow for high accuracy and precise machine movements.

Helical Rack and Pinion – Helical gears allow for smoother and more silent gear operation, constant and higher torque, and less wear and tear when compared to more traditional spur gear systems.

In-line Planetary Gearboxes – More efficient than belt driven systems, with zero slippage, higher torque transmission and a much greater life expectancy.

Servo Motors – Accuracy, smooth motion, and consistent repeatability are the results of using servo motors to produce superior cuts.

User-Friendly Interface – An enclosed computer console with a HD flat screen and industrial keyboard and mouse make the G8 Fabricator the easiest plasma cutting system to operate.

High-Definition Plasma Ready – Whether a high-definition plasma cutting system is purchased on day one or in the future, all G8 Fabricator tables ship multi-gas and high-definition ready.

Remote Support – When your operator has a question, or the machine is experiencing a problem, the quickest way for us to help is to just take a look. As long as your plasma cutting machine is connected to the Internet, we can instantly take control and show you in real time what you need to know.

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Table Sizes

  • 4' x 8'
  • 5' x 10'
  • 6' x 12'
  • Metric sizes available

What You Get

  • Welded steel frame
  • Heavy duty aluminum gantry with heat shield
  • 630 oz-in integrated servo motors
  • 10:1 in-line gear reduction
  • Auto torch height control
  • Wireless remote control
  • CAD software
  • Auto nesting software
  • Shape library
  • Multi-gas & High Definition Plasma ready
  • Waterbed or downdraft exhaust
  • Remote assistance online
  • Unlimited support
  • 2-year warranty


Tool Cutting Area: 3 inches over table size on X and Y axis
Overall Dimensions: X length + 52", Y length + 25", Height 58"
Weight: 4' x 8’ table approx. 2000 lbs
Input Power: 120VAC 15 Amps
Motors: 638 oz-in integrated servo motors
Gearheads: 10:1 planetary gearbox
Guides Dual drive linear guide system
Cables: Sheilded
Drive System: Precision linear ways with helical rack and pinion for the X and Y axes; Enclosed ball screw for the Z axis
Max Travel Speed: 1000 ipm
Torch Height Travel 2.5"
Controller Console: Intel Core i5 4th Gen
Windows 10 Pro
HD flat screen monitor
External DVD/CD-RW drive
Software: TurboCAD 18 Deluxe
Mach 3
Warranty: 2 year industrial warranty on table and drives
1 year limited warranty on motors, electronics, and computer
Extended warranty for table, gantry, and drives available


"Russ, Jamie and the boys are nothing short of exceptional!"

- Bradley Tizzard