For a CNC plasma cutting machine to be efficent, it must be easy to use. Our new control system makes running the machine as easy as clicking the mouse - even a first time computer user can be cutting parts in no time. A full function, real-time, on-screen interface lets the operator see exactly what is going on and gives complete control over the machine.

Cutting job information
As soon as you load your drawings, the CAM software tells you how long the job will take, how long the cutting path is and how many pierces there are. This simple tool is great for job quoting.

Real-time toolpath
The real-time toolpath lets you see where you are during a cut job. The screen shows the complete drawing and where your plasma torch currently is cutting.

Cut profile library
A built in library sets your cut speed, voltage for the auto height control, and more just by selecting the material you are working with.

Want to cut with Oxy/fuel too?
All G7 Fabricators are oxy/fuel cutting ready. The controller contains relays for opening and closing gas solenoids and the software can be switched from plasma to oxy/fuel mode in one click. When the control software is in oxy/fuel mode, you can adjust your pre-heat time, piece time, and post-heat time.