Intelligent Breakaway Torch Mount

You'll Never Worry about a Torch Collision again.

Our Breakaway Torch Mount is CNC machined out of 6061 aluminum and features two plates indexed together with Rare Earth magnets. What truly makes this mount outstanding is the ‘breakaway’ trigger which e-­stops the table in the event of torch collision. The mounting plates are tethered together to ensure the torch remains suspended above the cutting surface out of harms way. After a collision occurs, you simply snap the mounting plates back together and resume the cutting program. Simple.



Integrated Ohmic Clip and Stand-off Plate Detection System.

A Torch Height Control for All Material.

Plate Detection is critical in making a quality pierce and maintaining a proper cutting arc. Our consistently precise plate detection module gives you exceptional cut quality every time and longer consumable life.

There are two types of torch height control systems and most cnc plasma cutting systems use one or the other:

  1. Stand-off plate detection is common on cnc plasma machines designed for cutting heavier plates or plates with scale, rust or non-conductive substances on the surface.
  2. Voltage Monitoring detection is beneficial on cnc machines intended for cutting thinner gauge material which is prone to bowing up off the cutting surface.

Neither one of these processes work perfectly for all cutting applications. That’s why we at FastCut have engineered both formats into our one high performance torch height control.

You Get the Best of Both Worlds.

Ohmic Clip ­is a digitally intelligent module that facilitates communication between the torch head and the FastCut control system. By attaching the Ohmic Clip to the torch head, the system is able to detect plate contact through voltage monitoring in the Ohmic Clip circuit. Once the torch tip touches the plate, the circuit closes, communicates with the control system which then registers the height of the plate being cut and tells the torch to retract to the desired pierce height. This system is the industry standard for cutting thinner gauge material.

Stand-­off Plate Detection senses the plate being cut via the force that occurs when the lifter attached to the torch drives down towards the plate. Upon torch connection, the pressure switch is triggered sending a signal to the controller to retract the torch to the desired pierce height. You can trust our Stand-off Plate Detection system to give you perfect cuts and protect your consumables, regardless of the plate condition.

We have engineered all these features into one torch control system so that you will get the best cut quality and consumable life in all applications.