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Maybe you want to move more work in-house instead of sending it to subcontractors. Maybe you want to offer different products, or higher quality products. Or maybe you’re just tired of cutting everything by hand. There are so many different reasons to seek out a FastCut CNC table.

Whatever the reason is for you, we know it’s a big investment and that you’re probably wondering how quickly you’ll see a return on that investment. It’s an important question, so we asked our customers.

Although the length of time varies from customer to customer, here’s a really good idea of what to expect.


When you’re just starting your business, buying your first CNC table is exciting, and it’s only natural to think about when that expense will turn into profits.

For those using their tables part-time while building clientele and growing their niche in the industry, it typically takes less than two years, often not much more than one year to have the table paid off and see strong returns.

“It typically takes less than two years, often not much more than one year to have the table paid off and see strong returns.”

For the majority of FastCut users, the chance to become operational and scale their business quickly means they can leave their day jobs sooner and run a profitable business full-time.



If you’re already running a business, adding a FastCut table can really ramp up production. Some of our customers compare it to having at least two extra bodies in the shop. When you can increase production, your business can take on more work and pay off your table off much quicker.

With a new FastCut table in the family, it’s also common for our customers to begin taking on work they would have had to pass on before. Recently, one of our customers told us their table allows them to earn more than five times what they pay on their equipment lease. It’s numbers like these that show just how profitable a CNC table can be for a business.

We’ve also heard that having a FastCut table allows customers to charge more for better quality work, and tables start paying for themselves within weeks.

On average, most established businesses pay off their tables in less than a year, if not just a few months.



A FastCut CNC table is a big investment, but it’s also your biggest chance to grow your business and your profits. If we can help you learn more, just reach out to a member of our team. We’ll be happy to answer your questions about getting started and using your table to its full potential.

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